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2989 used condoms found at #FillUpOrlandoStadium venue

A total of 2989 used c0ndoms were discovered in the morning after Cassper Nyovest’s #FillUpOrlandoStadium event which show a record crowd filling up the 40 000 seater stadium.

Ground crew said they had a torrid time cleaning up after revelers had left the joint and were gobsmacked at the number of used c0ndoms they found at the stadium grounds. One ground cleaner, Tshidi Mlambo said there were used c0ndoms everywhere. “Its like an adult movie was being shot. We had a hard time cleaning up all the used plastics. I wonder if these people were sleeping with their official partners?”

The head of the cleaning crew said because of the high number of the plastics, they decided to count them and an astonishing 2 989 used contraceptives were counted. “We probably missed some. There was one every few meters. At least they used protection,” he said.

Cassper could not be reached for comment as he is reported to be resting.