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CONFIRMED: The teenager President Zuma is reportedly ‘blessing’ is a family friend at Nkandla

The pictures of a young girl kissing South African President Jacob Zuma have been confirmed to be real and not Photoshoped or altered in any way. The images quickly went viral on social media after a teenage girl from KZN posted the picture on facebook saying President Jacob Zuma is her Blesser or rather Sugar Daddy and they are in love.

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This just in, sources close to the presidency confirmed that the girl and her family were close friends of Zuma but said his office was ignoring the matter in the hope that it would go away and the teenager would be spared further distress.

Zuma’s son Edward, however, went on record to say he considered the girl his “sister” and that there was nothing untoward about the president kissing her.

A lot of other South Africans took to social media to voice their opions on the matter. With some saying that they would not be surprised if Jacob Zuma is having se_xual relations with the young girl behind the two families back because he once impregnated his best friend’s daughter behind his friend’s back. Others still remain adamant that the image is Photoshop despite confirmation from the family about the legitimacy of the image.