ECG Pastor asks female congregants to squeeze his manhood to get healed

The Pastor was preaching to his congregation on a Sunday morning then he asked people with health problems to stand up and come close to touch a specific place on his body for healing. He went further to ask female congregants whose husbands had problem in bed to touch his manhood. Said a witness who did not want to be named.

A number of people were touching the Pastor’s head, shoes and shoulder but a group of women got hold the pastor’s privates for healing. Said another source.

Another woman said her husband’s pen*s was not working anymore so she believed that when she held the Pastor’s pen*s,
her husband’s pen*s would be healed.
“As i was busy rubbing the man of God’s mighty manhood, the pastor shouted,
hallelujah somebody!!!”, added the woman.

Critics of the Pastor have gone to call the incident an assault to women. Let us know your thoughts!