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Euphonik attacks Bonang and AKA on twitter

Bonang’s ex-boyfriend Euphonik has again took it to Twitter to give his 2 cents about the Bonang and AKA relationship. After the twitter rants about AKA buying a new car and Euphonik saying that Cars don’t define success twitter took shots at Euphonik calling him a petty ex lover.

The 5fm DJ took Twitter by storm by throwing some serious shade in tweets that were clearly aimed at Queen B and AKA in numbered tweets. He claims he can have Bonang back whom he referred to as “Hlanyo” and claims he made her the media queen.
Here are some of the tweets:

4. You can ALL carry on believing that She broke up with me. Reality is if I wanted Hlanyo back. The week wouldn’t end.

5. Slikours ex to media queen to now the girl that’s fucking Aka. So as much as she can try forget umThizozo I played a BIG role in her life