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Farting competition to be held in Pretoria South Africa: Loudest farter will be rewarded

RESIDENTS of this kasi will be holding their noses this weekend.

That is because Thabo Mahlare from Mamelodi in Tshwane is planning to host a farting competition!

The 37-year-old kwaito artist, also known as Behind Bars, told reporters the showdown will see the contestant with the loudest fart going home with R500.

“I have noticed people in my area like to fart, as they do so often.

“When we are just chilling, someone will just fart loudly,” he said.

“Another reason for hosting this competition is I want to keep the nyaope addicts off the streets.

“This will take their attention away from stealing.”

Thabo said he planned to provide contestants with Stameta, boiled eggs, castor oil and milk to help them fart.

“I will also be providing diapers for those who slip up and shit themselves,” he said.

Thabo said entrance to the competition was free and open to all age groups. He already had 11 contestants and he hoped more would enter. Those interested in entering are encouraged to visit the Mahube Complex in Mamelodi to put down their names.

When asked how he would determine which fart was the loudest, Thabo said he would put four speakers on the stage and give the contestants on stage a microphone to put near their backside.

Thabo said if the event was a success he would think about making it an annual competition.

Last year Thabo hosted an event where he imitated Sushi King Kenny Kunene, who made headlines by eating sushi off naked women. Thabo ate spinach off naked women.

Source: daily sun