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Hellen Zille reminded that she admitted ANC has done well. A day before elections

Just a few hours before elections, DA’s very own Hellen Zille was reminded that she once took to twitter to admit that ANC has actually done well.

The tweet quickly gained momentum when ANC members responded to Hellen Zille saying it’s about time she noticed. Some DA members also took to Twitter to retweet Hellen’s tweet and call her a traitor.

The tweet was quickly deleted shortly after it was posted on the 25th of July and Hellen offered no explanation as to what led to the tweet. Some members of the DA believe that Hellen Zille’s twitter account was hacked by ANC as stunt to win votes of those who are going to vote for DA. While ANC members however believe that Hellen was drunk and drunk people are very honest and Hellen was just being honest herself. Today a top ANC official re-posted a snap of Hellen’s tweet to remind voters that a top DA official thinks ANC has done well.

We will bring you more on this story as it unfolds.