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Invisible Venda Sangoma says he will not use his powers to steal.

He is well known as a powerful Sangoma in Venda. With his amazing super natural powers.

Known only as Neluvholu, chief of the traditional healers of his people. He is also well known for the role he played during archeological digs at the Mapungubwe site where human remains were found. Neluvholu was asked to preside over the traditional re-burial of these ancestral bones. His work as a traditional healer is all about his contact with the ancestors, he said.
Recently Neluvholu demonstrated his amazing powers by turning invisible right in front of his hut which he uses to practice and connects to his ancestors as a sangoma. Everyone watched as the powerful chief Sangoma turned invisible from his feet to his upper body. Although most people were surprised, some were not at all surprised. Especially the other sangomas.

“As a sangoma i am not surprised, Neluvholu is our chief sangoma and i know very well that he is powerful and can do amazing things, he is the only one we trust to speak to the ancestors to ask for rain and good crop”, said one Sangoma who was initiated by Neluvholu.

When asked if he has ever used his powers to steal or do bad things. Neluvholu said that every super natural thing he does is fuelled by the ancestors, the powers he has are through the connection he has with the ancestors. And the ancestors chose him because they know his heart is good and pure. “They know that i would never misuse the powers they have trusted me with”, said Neluvholu. “Should i use my powers for anything other than doing good upon my people as the chief sangoma, the ancestors will punish me severely,” he added.