KZN teenage mother almost drowns her baby while posing for a picture

KzN teenage Mother almost drowned her baby while posing for picture in a river. A photo of the young mother posing for a picture in a river has gone viral on social media but it isn’t the sexual provocation of the poses by the women that has drawn the public’s attention.

The mother seems to have unknowingly lowered the baby into the water as she posed for a picture with another female companion.

The photo caused quite an outrage as it was shared by thousands of Facebookers who criticized the mother. Some called her a careless unfit mother saying, it’s obvious she wasn’t aware that the baby had been lowered into the water accusing her of only realizing this fact after it was pointed out by her Facebook friends in the picture’s comments.

The teen who’s facebook name is known to NewsDaily.co.za has since deleted the picture on her Facebook account. The picture was captioned: “earlier today at Amanzimtoti River with my bisheeezzz”. She has since issued a statement saying she would like to apologise to the public especially her facebook friends who had to endure the emotional trauma of seeing the image and asked us not to publish her Facebook name or any of her personal details because she doesn’t want child welfare to take her baby away.