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Male blessee from Tembisa breaks his back trying to lift his fat female blesser

A 25yr old man from Thembisa is in agonising pain at Zamokuhle Private Hospital. This is after he fractured his spinal while attempting to carry his overweight blesser and lift her up.

Sipho Dlamini was born in Mpumalanga but he is currently residing in Tembisa Winnie Section. We caught up with Sipho at Zamokuhle Private Hospital in Tembisa and he explained to us what led to the incident. Sipho says he was with his female blesser the entire day in Sandton celebrating his birthday on Wednesday.

She first took him for a movie at mall of Africa which he was so grateful for because it was his first time there. After that she took him to Sandton and bought him expensive clothes. Just when he thought she was done, she then surprised him with a VW Polo Vivo. Sipho was so excited he couldn’t contain himself and that’s when he attempted to lift his blesser into the air with excitement. Unfortunately his blesser whom Sipho did not want to name because she is married was to heavy for Sipho to handle.
A friend of the pair whom can’t be named took a picture of Sipho and his blesser before they both fell helplessly to the ground when Sipho fractured his spine. The overweight blesser fell on top of Sipho but immediately got off of him when Sipho started yelling ‘oh my back!’. They then quickly rushed Sipho to Zamokuhle Private Hospital in Tembisa and paid his huge hospital bill before leaving.

Sipho said i have been working out and i really thought i was going to be able to carry her. But i guess i was wrong. Now Doctors first thought that i wouldn’t walk again. But after the operation i was so happy that i could feel my feet. I was so worried I’d never be able to drive my VW Polo Vivo. I still can’t get an erection but doctors say i should give it time and take it one step at a time.