Miracle As A Real Angel Sent By God Appears During TB Joshua’s Service

A strange image of a perceived supernatural being believed to be an angel has been captured on camera during a church service by the well famed prophet T.B Joshua

The picture has subsequently gone viral on social media in particular, on the walls of some powerful men of God who are simply in awe of the miracle.

According to reports, a female church member who was supposedly filled by the Holy Spirit during the service, saw the strange image on the walls of the auditorium at the time the service had closed around 12:30am and took the pictures after zooming in with her phone.

The image then disappeared before she could prompt the ushers who were praying nearby after the service.

The leader of the church reportedly announced the wonderful sighting to the congregation in church the following day.

Scores of politicians, musicians and radio personalities including Black Rasta have been attending the program for spiritual impartation.