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Tbo Touch talks about what to expect on his reality TV Show

Tbo Touch wants to showcase a reality show that will encourage success amongst young people.

Now here’s something we never thought we’d see.

Tbo Touch is open to the idea of having his own reality show. The radio personality revealed this during an interview on RGB.

He said: “Finally, I think I’m ready for it [reality show] because I wanna give people real content. I don’t think a reality show is about seeing you coming out of the shower. So what? We all shower.”

He explained that he wants people to watch him and “catch the spirit”.

“I want somebody who’s feeling down to say ‘whoa, so this guy, this is what really happens when he goes to the bank. This is what really happens when he gets into the boardroom. I wanna show every young person watching right now that you can make, you can set the standards and reach them.”

Touch said he’s not sure which channel it’s going to be on, but told viewers to look out for it. Exciting times ahead…