Tiger Brands makes prophet of doom their brand ambassador after selling 12 million cans of DOOM in less than two days

Tiger Brands has announced that the Controversial “pastor” Lethebo Rabalago, 24 is their new brand ambassador. This comes after the brand has sold 12 million units of doom in less than two days after the pastor started spraying their product on people’s faces claiming to heal them.

“Ever since the pastor started using our product at his church, the product has been selling like hot cakes. Doom units are literally flying off the shelves and it’s all thanks to the man of God Lethebo and that’s why we have decided to make him the brand ambassador, not just that but his church is going to receive a year supply of doom so that he can continue anointing his congregation with the power of DOOM.” said Lawrence Mac, the Chief Executive Officer.

And this is not even the shocking part of this whole story. What surprised even the CEO of Tiger Brands to a point that he even elected the prophet to be the Brand’s ambassador is the fact that the 12 million cans sold in less than two days are cans sold from shelves in various Pick n Pay stores alone.

YES! The second largest supermarket in South Africa Pick n Pay has sold over 12 million units of Doom insect killer.

According to a senior employee who didn’t want to be named because she was not authorised to speak to media, since the #DoomChallenge started trending on social media the sales of ‘Doom’ have increased with an amazing race.

“We were all shocked why the sudden rise in sales of Doom insect killer. We only became aware of the reason when we watched news and saw the prophet story. We do not promote what the prophet did but we will be lying if we say we didn’t benefit from it”, said the senior employee.
The name Doom became a hit in South Africa after pictures of a Limpopo prophet spraying his congregants with the insecticide hit the internet. “Pastor Doom”, as he is affectionately known in Limpopo by congregants, has already “healed” those infected with HIV, irregular menstrual cycles, epilepsy and ulcers, to mention only a few insecticide-powered miracles.

Lethebo Rabalago, the 24-year old pastor originally from Moletlane village near Marble Hall, has become the hero of his rural community of Ga-Mathibela, just a stone’s throw from Lebowakgomo outside Polokwane.