U.S rapper P Diddy tells Dj Black Coffee to take his hand out of the pocket for 1 M

South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee, has left many people in the US raving about his musical talent with the vinyl.

The popular DJ was seen hanging with US rapper, Sean Combs, famously known as P Diddy at a party in Miami.

Black Coffee posing for a picture with his left hand out on his chin

On Sunday he called P Diddy his motivator via an Instagram post. And according to Tee M Zee, a famous celebrity magazine in the United States, Black Coffee had a one on one meeting with the famous P Diddy and during their intellectual conversation P Diddy said to Black Coffee, “take yo hand out your pocket real quick for a mil”.

Black Coffee was adamant at first but eventually he gave in because Diddy was persuasive. One of Tee M Zee’s photographers managed to get a snap of Black Coffee with his hand out. And for the very first time, fans can see the legend’s hand which has never been seen before since Black Coffee launched his musical career. And it’s all thanks to another legend, P Diddy.

After the meeting they all went to a party in Miami and chilled with other famous rappers like Wiz Khalifa.