WATCH: Prophet Bushiri kicking a pregnant woman on the stomach in the name of Jesus

The major one is indeed full of miracles. Some of those miracles are odd and some are literally unbelievable.

Major one Prophet Bushiri is at it again with another odd and totally crazy miracle. Recently a video of the major one has emerged, in the video Bushiri is seen kicking a pregnant woman on the stomach with his lovely shoes. We are not really sure what is the purpose of this miracle just as nobody ever really knows the purpose of all his miracles.

But according to witnesses who were present at the church during this deliverance, it is alleged that Bushiri had a revelation or a vision of some sort in which he felt the presence of a woman pregnant with the devil’s baby who is going to be born a demon or a devil’s child. And apparently Major one was just kicking the demon out of the baby before the baby is born.