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White woman sets dogs on a white man wearing ANC shirt to a door to door campaign in Johannesburg

A man was mauled after a woman named Melinda DeCock who is believed to be a supporter of the Democratic Alliance set her pit bulls free on purpose and ordered an attack after an argument with the white man wearing the ANC’s T-shirt during a door to door campaign in Johannesburg. The entire scene occurred in broad daylight in Randburg which occupies the northwestern segment of Johannesburg.

The victim, 42-year-old Jacques Van Der Merwe, lost one of his ears amid the attack and has substantial injuries to his right arm. It is alleged that Jacques came through to Melinda’s house with his promises that ANC plans to bring a better life for all in hopes to win Melinda’s vote in favor of the ANC, but was left with a shredded ear, ‘two big chunks missing’ from both his arms as well as multiple lacerations to his legs and chest and potential nerve damage.

It is reported that Melinda accused Jacques of being a traitor and an abomination to the white supremacy before setting her pit bulls on him. Screams and shouting can be heard in the footage, including a call for someone to ‘get the water’.

One man, later identified as 46-year-old Mandla Ndlovu, is seen trying to get the dogs off the man by holding them back with their leashes, but soon he is knocked to the ground as well. Neighbors rushed to help both men, whipping the dogs and blasting them with water.

The woman filming the attack can be heard speaking to emergency services. ‘They’re attacking a man,’ she says. ‘He’s in the street bleeding. I’m upstairs watching this out of my window.’

Please note that we removed the video because of it’s violent nature and racist remarks.
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