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“Zuma wanted to continue molesting me without a condom,” says Julius Malema

He said Zuma’s utterances were a sign of the ‘last kick of a dying donkey’.

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema labelled President Jacob Zuma a dumb fool on Friday.

He was responding to utterances made by the ANC president this week, in which he called on South Africans not to vote for opposition parties, some of which he described as formerly violent and shrinking. Zuma also took unambiguous personal swipes at Malema.

Following his remarks at the ANC’s “Countdown to victory” election event, the president took pot shots at Malema during an election campaign speech in North West, asking how people could vote for someone who used to say “I will die for Zuma” (referring to Malema). He also mocked Malema for once declaring that the ANC was in his DNA. Malema had, of course, actually said he would kill for Zuma.

Responding to this on Friday morning, Malema did not mince his words when he said Zuma was not worth being called a president.

“Zuma is dumb … he is the number one fool, and it took me one year after the Polokwane conference to realise that he is dumb.

“Zuma wanted to continue molesting me without a condom,” Malema told The Citizen.

He said Zuma’s utterances were a sign of the “last kick of a dying donkey”.

“Everyone must be regretting supporting this man. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to live to correct those mistakes,” Malema added.

Malema, when he used to be the ANC Youth League president, was Zuma’s most vocal supporter, defending him during both his rape trial and corruption trial. However, after his expulsion from the ANC, he apologised to the country for his role in getting the president elected and even went as far as to apologise to former president Thabo Mbeki’s mother for the fact that he had been so vocal against Mbeki during his presidency.

Although Zuma is not shy to insult the opposition, particularly the DA for, in his view, having a black man at the helm despite it being a “white party” full of the former former “oppressors”, the EFF have turned insulting Zuma into something of an enduring pastime for them.